FamilyWorks Stories

The FamilyWorks fabric is woven of the stories of all those who are involved

Food Bank Participant

Patricia’s Story
I have been associated with Family Works since they opened at their current location in 1997. I was a regular fixture at the food bank where I volunteered at least once a week. Unfortunately, health issues have limited my ability to be the independent person that I once was. The fact that I now have to depend on help from my neighbor to come to the food bank, and riding a bus is not an option, severely limits my resources to access healthy food . When asked what Family Works means to me, I say, “Without the food bank times would be very thin.” I would also add, “Coming to Family Works is one of the highlights in my week, because I feel so respected and cared for.”

I am blessed in the fact that I have resources like the food bank, the Family Works staff, neighbors and friends to help me live a more independent and fulfilling life. I credit my willingness to reach out for help to the experiences I had helping people in need while serving as a volunteer at the food bank.

Everybody needs a little help every once in a while.

Family Center Participants

A Single Dad
“I am a single parent to two young girls.  My marriage was a casualty of the economy, among other things.  I relied on FamilyWorks a great deal through the divorce process.  The support we found there was a TREMENDOUS help in getting us through.  When what one has spent a lifetime working for goes to pot, the human & physical resources of FamilyWorks really matter.   I can tell you from our own very personal experience having FamilyWorks there as a place to go, to learn important life skills, connect with others in our community, share clothing, food, and friendship was huge.  I do not honestly know what I would have done without this progressive, far-sighted resource.

A Teen Parent
Thank you so much for going above & beyond your job to help me get back on my feet. I wish I could do more to show you how much you’ve motivated me and pushed me to strive for a better life for my child and myself! You do such a great job I just wanted to say thank you!

Playgroup Participant
Last spring I found your free baby playgroup on Wednesday afternoons. I was unemployed and grateful to have a wonderful, free place to come with my daughter and spend time with other caregivers and their babies. Amy of course is a fantastic teacher. I know there was some cost to FamilyWorks to run that program, and I decided that once I got a job and was in a position to do so, I would donate money to FamilyWorks to say thank you for the great program. It made such a difference to me, and I know that FamilyWorks provides even more essential services to other families. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for our neighborhood


Why We support FamilyWorks:
Herb and I donate to the FamilyWorks because we believe all members of a community need to work together to support families and create access to healthy food for everyone.  FamilyWorks has strong local connections to businesses and individuals and continues look for new ways to help people in need.  On a personal note, we appreciate that FamilyWorks was there to help support a neighbor and friend when he was in crisis.  With more people in need and less governmental support, it is up to all of us to step up and fill in the gaps.

Erica & Herb Bergamini


The Food Bank Saved My Life
When I am asked why I devote so much of my time to FamilyWorks, my first response is almost always, “The foodbank saved my life.” I have gone from drunk and dirty, stoned and hungry to a productive member of my community, greatly due to the programs and support offered by this organization. By providing me with food security and allowing me to participate in the program, first as a client, and then as a volunteer, they have given me the much needed resources I needed to begin the long process of recovery.

My success and road to sobriety started with FamilyWorks and I am a better human being for having associated with the people who give their time and abilities to this organization. I have seen enough success stories to know that my situation is not unique. So, why do I support FamilyWorks? They kept me from starving and saved my life.

David Tate
Client and Volunteer

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