A List of All The Outside Referrals On Our Web Site

We currently have three seperate referral pages on the web site

  1. Resource Center Drop Down Menu “Additional Resources”
  2. Food Bank Drop Down Menu  “Additional Resources”
  3. About Drop Down Menu “Referral List”

Here are the Items that are on each list and how they are described.  What about consolidating this to one list, catorizing them and provide a link that more accurately describes the information?

Resource Center

The following sites offer additional resources for families and individuals in need of assistance.


Family Support Centers:—–This a link to family support center in Seattle through

Child Care Assistance:——–This links to the same page as above

Seattle/King county Health Department WIC:——–Nice link, Very helpful

Washington Connection: Your link to services: Apply for Food Stamps and financial assistance

Department of Early Learning:—–Educational resources for parents/children

Crisis Clinic:—-2-1-1, suicide hot line, crisis line

Puget Sound Adlerian societyLink to parenting class calender.

Worksource:—- Basically a job search site

DSHS:—–DSHS home page.  Lots of tabs, lots of choices

Food Bank

The following sites offer additional information on programs offering nutritional assistance in the Seattle area.

– Seattle Food Banks:—–A comprehensive list, but they are lisated by name and NOT by service area.  The Home Delivery list contains no contact information

– Hot Meals in Seattle:  A good list, but list is by name and not by service area.

– Food Lifeline:——The “Need Food” tab is the most useful tool for our clients.

– Northwest Harvest:—–I am not sure if this is helpful to clients so much as it is mostly about the organization and how to get involved and donate to them.

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